Child Protection Information

Pennsylvania’s new child protection laws require that employees and volunteers that are over 18 years old and serve in direct contact with children, receive documented state, and in some cases, federal clearances. Clearances MUST be submitted to Camp YoliJwa before adults are accepted to serve in our youth camping programs. These necessary PA state clearances (criminal record & child abuse) are valid for five years and are free to obtain. Once a staff application is submitted and approved, applicant’s will receive a request to provide the required clearances if they are not already on file and/or current. Once clearances are received, the application will be forwarded onto our volunteer directors for the camp programs indicated. Those volunteer directors will contact applicants with an invitation to serve. If you have never had these performed, or are in need of renewal, here are the links to get started:

The results should be back to you within one to two weeks. Clearances can then be emailed to . Please do this as soon as possible as you cannot be confirmed until the clearances are back and received by Camp YoliJwa.