General Camp Information

REGISTRATION - An application form must be completed and returned with a non-refundable $25 application fee which will be deducted from the total cost.  Applications arriving less than one week before the starting date will be charged an additional $25 processing fee.  The camp rate is $204.00 for all camps except for Junior #3 Mini Camp ($148) and the Junior #4 Weekend ($90).  E-mails and faxes will not be accepted as valid registration.

CONFIRMATIONS Applications are accepted in order received to the extent of available accommodations. An acceptance letter will be returned to you along with more detailed information about your particular camp.  Beginning in June, a confirmation letter and other information will be mailed to you approximately two weeks before your camp date. 

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE - All youth camps are 6-day programs with check-in time from 3-5 p.m. on Sunday and pick-up from 11 a.m. -Noon on Saturday.

COST - $208 per camper for all youth camps except the Junior #3 Mini Camp which is $152 & Junior #4 Weekend which is $92 per camper.

"BRING A FRIEND ... EARN $10!" - Each camper who brings a friend along with them to camp (who has never been to camp before) will receive a $10 gift certificate redeemable for cash at registration.  Registration forms of both the camper and friend must arrive in the same envelope.  Certificates will be mailed to the sponsoring camper with the camp confirmation letter.

FINANCIAL AID - The YoliJwa Campership Fund is available to assist families who would like to have their children attend camp but need financial help.  Call or write for a campership request form.

SPECIAL REQUESTS - Requests to attend camps other than the recommended or alternative weeks are not permitted.  We will attempt to honor requests for a roommate IF campers request each other on their applications.  Please do not make requests or changes on day of registration.

WHAT TO BRING - Bed linens or sleeping bag, pillow, towels, washcloth, toiletries, sweater or jacket, sneakers, hiking shoes, pool shoes, swim suit & towel, laundry & wet wear bag, flashlight, pen & pencil, and BIBLE.

WHAT NOT TO BRING - Clothing inappropriate for a Christian setting (i.e. immodest two-piece swim wear, spaghetti strap shirts, t-shirts with questionable graphics, short skirts or shorts, etc.), audio equipment, cell phones, video cameras, personal video games, room fans, expensive jewelry or valuables.

Correspondence -  Letters to campers are encouraged; faxes and phone calls are permitted in an emergency only.  Using "Bunk 1" , emails to campers will be available on our website.

Visitors - During camp sessions, only approved, special needs, or emergency visits are permitted.

Food/Dietary Special Needs - Camp Yolijwa prepares a well balanced, family-style for about 200 campers and staff three times each day.  Camp Yolijwa will consider special provisions. IF prescribed by medical physician, for food allergies or conditions on individual basis.  Parents should contact the camp to discuss special needs and options before registering their child. Sample menus for a camp week are available upon request.

DISCIPLINE AT CAMP - Click here for more information